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Middlemarch Book 6, Chapter 57

By George Eliot

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Book 6, Chapter 57

  • Fred is on his way to Lowick parsonage, where Mary Garth is staying with Miss Farebrother to help her set up the new house.
  • On his way, he stops to see Mrs. Garth.
  • She hints that it was wrong of him to ask Mr. Farebrother to talk to Mary for him, and Fred realizes that Mr. Farebrother must be in love with Mary, too.
  • He's instantly jealous, of course, even though Mrs. Garth admits that Mary doesn't know anything about it.
  • When he arrives at the Lowick parsonage, he finds Mary helping Miss Farebrother, Miss Noble, and Mrs. Farebrother to organize some cabinets.
  • He tells her that he's going to work for her father, and she says she's glad.
  • When Mr. Farebrother gets back, he comes up with an excuse to leave Mary and Fred alone together for a few minutes.
  • Fred gets sulky with Mary because he thinks she's going to marry Mr. Farebrother, and Mary tells him not to be ridiculous.

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