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Middlemarch Book 6, Chapter 59

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Book 6, Chapter 59

  • The gossip about how Mr. Casaubon's will made it impossible for Dorothea to marry Will Ladislaw without giving up her property eventually makes its way to Rosamond.
  • Lydgate warns her never to mention it to Will, but she ignores his advice as usual.
  • She flirtingly mentions it to Will the next time they're alone.
  • He's immediately angry and upset, especially because of her careless flirtatiousness.
  • He grabs his hat and leaves.
  • Rosamond feels vaguely jealous. She wants everyone to be in love with her, and doesn't like that she's not the center of Will's universe.
  • It wasn't the first time she'd gone against her husband's wishes that day – she had gone to her father to ask for money that morning, and he'd said no way.
  • She's also depressed that Lydgate's rich relatives haven't written to her.

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