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Middlemarch Book 7, Chapter 65

By George Eliot

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Book 7, Chapter 65

  • Lydgate has decided to go to his uncle in person to ask for assistance, and is about to tell Rosamond when a letter arrives for him from his uncle.
  • He doesn't realize that Rosamond has already written to him, of course.
  • Sir Godwin's letter tells Lydgate that he shouldn't ask his wife to write for him on business matters, because it looks like wheedling.
  • He also says that he can't afford to help them out financially.
  • Lydgate is furious that Rosamond wrote to his uncle without telling him, and points out to her that she did more harm than good.
  • Rosamond just sits there and takes it passively and politely, but secretly thinks that the whole world is "disagreeable" and that she is the only person in it who has acted blamelessly.
  • Finally her tears and gentle accusations win him over and make him blame himself entirely.

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