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Middlemarch Book 7, Chapter 68

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Book 7, Chapter 68

  • Bulstrode's decision to give up funding the hospital has to do with Raffles.
  • Raffles reappeared in Middlemarch on Christmas Eve, and Bulstrode has been keeping him hidden away at his own house.
  • He hinted to his wife and to the servants that this man had a screw loose and might be slightly dangerous, so he's the only person allowed to go into his room, even with food and drink.
  • He tells his wife that he's taking care of the poor man because there's some distant family tie.
  • Finally, he orders Raffles to leave and never to come back. If he ever returns to Middlemarch, Bulstrode says that he'll never pay him another penny, even if he tells everyone about his history. But if he goes and never returns, he can ask for money by letter.
  • Raffles agrees, and goes.
  • Bulstrode's next item of business is to find a tenant to live at Stone Court.
  • He asks Caleb Garth to manage the estate and to find a tenant.
  • Caleb decides it would be a great idea to set up Fred as the tenant – Fred spent years thinking that he would inherit it, anyway. Then Fred could learn to farm, and still learn some of Caleb's business.
  • And with a home of his own at Stone Court, Fred could marry Mary sooner than later.
  • Mr. Bulstrode agrees to rent the farm to his nephew Fred, even though he doesn't like the kid.
  • Caleb is delighted, and goes around taking stock of the farm at Stone Court without saying anything to Fred and Mary. He wants it to be a surprise.

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