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Middlemarch Book 8, Chapter 75

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Book 8, Chapter 75

  • Rosamond is depressed. She no longer has any hopeful prospects about Lydgate's family, and the only bright spots in her life are the occasional letters she receives from Will.
  • She likes to believe that Will is secretly in love with her, not because she wants to cheat on her husband, but because she wants to be the center of everybody's universe and likes to think that she has everyone in her power.
  • One morning, Rosamond is reading letters, and Lydgate picks one up – it's from Mr. Chichely, declining an invitation to a dinner party at their house.
  • Lydgate asks her how many people she's invited without telling him, and asks if they've all refused?
  • She doesn't answer, but knows that all their friends are avoiding them for some reason.
  • She goes to her parents' house, and they tell her everything.
  • When she gets home, she tells Lydgate that she knows everything about his disgrace, but doesn't add that she believes him to be innocent.
  • She's not at all sympathetic, and he has to leave the room.
  • They're as distant from each other as ever.
  • Rosamond resolves to tell Will Ladislaw the whole story when he comes.
  • She thinks that at least he will see how blameless she has been in the whole affair.

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