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Middlemarch Book 8, Chapter 77

By George Eliot

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Book 8, Chapter 77

  • Lydgate is out all day the next day, and Rosamond is looking forward to Will Ladislaw's visit.
  • Dorothea has enjoyed thinking of Will since he left. She is proud of the fact that he was blameless in the gossip about Rosamond Lydgate.
  • Dorothea has a letter for Lydgate with a check for a thousand pounds – she wants him to be free to return the money to Bulstrode as soon as possible.
  • She plans to give the letter to Rosamond and reassure her about her husband's innocence.
  • She arrives at the Lydgates' house, and asks the servant girl if Mrs. Lydgate is home.
  • The servant opens the door to the living room without saying a word, and Dorothea walks in.
  • She sees Will Ladislaw sitting on the couch next to Rosamond, clasping both her hands, and speaking intently about something.
  • They look up and see Dorothea.
  • Will looks horrified, but doesn't say anything.
  • Dorothea looks cold and distant, and says that she was just there to deliver an important letter for Lydgate.
  • She sets it on the table, and walks out.
  • She gets back into her carriage, and goes to Fres***t Hall to see her sister.
  • She's so angry that she feels energized—she doesn't cry, but her sister can tell something is up.
  • Dorothea doesn't break down until she gets home.

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