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Middlemarch Book 8, Chapter 78

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Book 8, Chapter 78

  • Will is still standing in Rosamond's living room, staring at the door Dorothea has gone out.
  • Rosamond sarcastically suggests that he go after Dorothea and explain that he likes her better.
  • Will explodes at her. She's taken away the one thing in his life that he cared about – Dorothea's good opinion.
  • After all, it would be considered seriously dishonorable for a man to try to justify himself at the expense of a woman. In other words, Will can't go up to Dorothea and say "hey, it wasn't me, it was all Rosamond."
  • For the first time in Rosamond's life, she feels something like guilt or shame.
  • He finally relents, and asks her if he should come back in the evening to see Lydgate.
  • When Lydgate gets home that evening, he finds Rosamond sobbing in bed.
  • He assumes that it has something to do with Dorothea's visit and soothes her without asking questions.

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