Study Guide

Middlesex Book 3, Chapter 8

By Jeffrey Eugenides

Book 3, Chapter 8

Tiresias in Love

  • Calliope goes to visit the Object at her house and meets the Object's brother, Jerome, for the first time. What, no nickname for him?
  • Jerome is an aspiring filmmaker, working on a film titled Vampires in Prep School. He is decades ahead of Stephenie Meyer.
  • During a conversation in which the Object is basically making fun of Calliope for being a Never Nude, the Object tells Cal, "You're my best friend" (3.8.150). Aww…
  • Meanwhile, Calliope prays at church to receive her period.
  • Since God ain't answering that prayer though, Calliope decides to just fake her period instead.
  • On the day she fakes her first period, a new war breaks out in Greece, canceling the family's vacation plans to travel there.