Study Guide

Middlesex Book 4, Chapter 3

By Jeffrey Eugenides

Book 4, Chapter 3

Go West, Young Man

  • Calliope's first course of action is to get a haircut. The barber tells her, "everyone wants to go unisex," (4.3.9) so off it goes.
  • She buys new clothes, changes her walk, uses the men's room, and begins exercising. She feels more and more like a boy every day, and she starts to call herself Cal.
  • After a few bus rides, Cal starts hitchhiking to save money. His first really memorable ride is with a man named Ben Scheer.
  • Ben takes Cal to a bar, pretends Cal is his son, and orders him a beer.
  • That night, in a motel, Ben presses himself onto Cal and tries to take off his clothes. Cal pushes him away, and he goes to sleep.
  • The next morning, Cal sneaks out of the room and hitches a new ride, this time with a man named Bob Presto.