Study Guide

Midnight's Children Chapter 26

By Salman Rushdie

Chapter 26

Sam and the Tiger

  • The war is over. Saleem and Shaheed are walking around in Dacca. They see even more war atrocities.
  • Saleem goes looking for a safe place, and finds it in a tea shop. Shaheed is still outside, though, and he gets hit by a bomb that blows off his legs. Saleem takes him up into the minaret and holds him until he dies.
  • We told you it was going to be sad.
  • Then the Indian Army comes into Dacca with a triumphant parade. That's when Parvati-the-witch sees Saleem, and reminds him of his name. Yay!
  • She hides him in her basket of invisibility, where he almost dies. She lets him out just in time for him to be okay.
  • While he's in the basket, Saleem realizes something. He's angry. People have treated him badly his whole life, and it's not fair. Now it's his turn to choose his destiny.