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The Mill on the Floss Book 1, Chapter 10

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Book 1, Chapter 10

Maggie Behave Worse than She Expected

  • We quickly learn that the object in question is Lucy, covered in mud.
  • We flashback, Lost-style, to the moment when the kids went outside.
  • Tom is still being bratty and is ignoring Maggie.
  • Lucy likes Maggie and tries to include her, but Maggie is getting increasingly upset.
  • Tom decides to go check out the pond, even though Aunt Pullet told them to stay in the garden.
  • Tom and Lucy take off for the pond and Maggie follows.
  • The kids spy a snake. Maggie comes to look at it and Tom tells her to go away.
  • Finally Maggie snaps and shoves Lucy in the mud in a fit of anger.
  • Tom is so mad that he slaps Maggie on the arm and then takes a crying Lucy home. He tells Maggie that he’s going to tell on her and Maggie is angry and upset.
  • So Tom takes Lucy back to the house and the adults quickly get her cleaned up. Mrs. Tulliver is upset that she has such awful children – Maggie pushed her cousin in the mud and Tom went to the pond in the first place.
  • Mrs. Tulliver wonders where Maggie is and Tom says he doesn’t know. Tom goes to look for Maggie but he can’t find her. Mrs. Tulliver freaks out.
  • Aunt Pullet gladly sends the group back to Dorlcote Mill to look for Maggie. She wants peace and quiet restored in her house.

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