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The Mill on the Floss Book 1, Chapter 13

By George Eliot

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Book 1, Chapter 13

Mr. Tulliver Further Entangles the Skein of Life

  • Mrs. Pullet goes to see Mrs. Glegg and is surprised to find her in a better mood. Mrs. Glegg says that she’ll let bygones be bygones, but that Mrs. Tulliver will have to come see her first.
  • Mrs. Pullet is relieved and proceeds to tell Mrs. Glegg all about the incident with the Tulliver kids and Lucy yesterday at her house. Mr. Pullet chimes in with details.
  • The adults agree that Maggie is a bad seed and needs to be sent to a distant boarding school.
  • But, later that day, a letter arrives from Mr. Tulliver telling Mrs. Glegg that he’ll pay back her money soon.
  • Turns out Mrs. Tulliver is to blame for this letter. She told her husband that Mrs. Pullet was going to fix things with the Gleggs on their behalf and Mr. Tulliver got angry and sent the letter. He doesn’t like people meddling in his business.
  • Mrs. Glegg is mad once again and the family breach widens. Mrs. Glegg does resume contact with Mrs. Tulliver, but doesn’t want anything to do with Mr. Tulliver.
  • Mr. Tulliver, meanwhile, needs to get 500 pounds to pay back Mrs. Glegg. He ends up having to get a loan from a client of the evil lawyer, Mr. Wakem.

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