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The Mill on the Floss Book 2, Chapter 5

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Book 2, Chapter 5

Maggie’s Second Visit

  • Tom and Philip are no longer speaking and only talk to one another when Mr. Stelling is around.
  • Maggie shows up and Tom is glad.
  • Maggie instantly likes Philip since she pities him.
  • Tom runs upstairs, telling Maggie that he has a surprise for her and that he’ll show it to her later that day.
  • The boys and Maggie gather in the school room to do homework.
  • Philip is instantly charmed by Maggie and wishes that he had a nice sister like her.
  • Tom then drags Maggie upstairs for his big surprise.
  • He makes Maggie close her eyes and, when she opens them, she sees Tom, dressed up with a fake mustache, holding a real sword. Tom starts swinging the sword around and Maggie freaks out and says he’ll hurt himself.
  • Maggie was right, since Tom quickly drops the swords and stabs himself in the foot. Maggie starts screaming and the whole household is in turmoil.

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