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The Mill on the Floss Book 3, Chapter 4

By George Eliot

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Book 3, Chapter 4

A Vanishing Gleam

  • Mr. Glegg, Tom, and Maggie head upstairs to destroy the note saying that Mr. Moss owes Mr. Tulliver money. The note is in a chest in Mr. Tulliver’s room.
  • Mr. Glegg accidentally drops the chest, which wakes up Mr. Tulliver.
  • Mr. Tulliver is aware of what’s going on for the first time in days and begins questioning everyone.
  • Mrs. Moss comes upstairs to check on her brother. Mr. Tulliver tells them to get his wife.
  • Mr. Tulliver doesn’t seem to realize the severity of his financial situation. He tells Tom to destroy the note and he also tells Tom to pay back the money owed to Luke, their mill employee.
  • Mrs. Tulliver arrives and Mr. Tulliver apologizes to her and worries about his children’s future. He starts drifting off again.
  • The narrator hints that Mr. Tulliver’s death will be a slow, long decline.
  • Tom is determined to do what his father wishes.

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