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The Mill on the Floss Book 3, Chapter 9

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Book 3, Chapter 9

An Item Added to the Family Register

  • Over the next few days, Mr. Tulliver struggles with his surrender to circumstances and his promise to his wife to work for Wakem.
  • But as much as Mr. Tulliver hates Wakem, he can’t bring himself to leave his home, where the Tullivers have lived for generations.
  • He and Luke talk things over and Luke agrees that it’s best to stay home rather than try to go someplace new.
  • That evening the family gather in the parlor and Mr. Tulliver is impatient for Tom to get home from work.
  • Mr. Tulliver gathers the family together once Tom arrives and tells them that he’s decided to stay and work for Wakem at the Mill.
  • But he then says he won’t ever forgive Wakem and that he is swearing vengeance against him.
  • He makes Tom get the family Bible and write that the Tullivers won’t ever forgive Wakem and that they curse him.
  • Maggie protests, but Tom tells her to be quiet and says he will write what his father wants in the Bible.

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