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The Mill on the Floss Book 6, Chapter 7

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Book 6, Chapter 7

Philip Re-Enters

  • Philip finally shows up. He and Maggie have a rather awkward reunion.
  • Maggie is conflicted about her feelings for Stephen and Philip.
  • Lucy tries to play matchmaker.
  • But Philip notices a change in Maggie and is worried that her feelings for him have changed.
  • Lucy makes a lame excuse and leaves the room.
  • Maggie and Philip quickly start talking. Maggie tells Philip about her discussion with Tom and the two agree to be friends again.
  • Maggie asks about Philip’s dad and Philip says he doesn’t care what he thinks.
  • But then Maggie tells Philip she will be leaving soon to get another governess job since she has to earn her own living.
  • Philip and Maggie resume their old debate about Maggie’s tendency towards self-sacrifice.
  • Philip is a bit bitter since he has loved Maggie for years and she still can’t seem to make up her mind about him.
  • Stephen shows up and Maggie is flustered.
  • The two are overly polite to one another and are secretly hurt by the other’s cold attitude.
  • Lucy is oblivious to the tension, but Philip is getting suspicious.
  • The group decides to play some music.
  • Philip plays a song first and is overly emotional. He decides to communicate with Maggie through the power of song, apparently thinking that he is in a musical.
  • Stephen and Philip perform a duet and Maggie is carried away by the music.
  • The two then each perform solos directed at Maggie.
  • Stephen basically seduces Maggie with his awesome singing skills.
  • Philip is getting alarmed at the two of them and suspects that Stephen is stealing his kind-of-but-not-quite girlfriend.
  • In his distress Philip starts butchering his piano piece and Lucy is shocked.
  • The group then goes eat lunch.
  • Mr. Deane randomly starts asking Philip business questions.
  • Later that night Lucy goes to talk with her dad. She wants to know what’s up with his grilling of Philip at lunch.
  • Turns out Mr. Deane was being crafty – he was trying to get intel on Mr. Wakem to see if he might be up for selling Dorlcote Mill.
  • Lucy has intel for him though: she tells him that she’s going to get Philip’s help in buying back the mill. Mr. Deane is skeptical but Lucy assures him that her awesome plan will work.

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