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The Mill on the Floss Book 6, Chapter 9

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Book 6, Chapter 9

Charity in Full Dress

  • It’s the day of the bazaar in St. Ogg’s.
  • Maggie is stuck manning a popular booth, which doesn’t make her happy. She’d rather be somewhere less conspicuous.
  • Stephen hangs out at Lucy’s booth and she scolds him for ignoring Maggie.
  • Mr. Wakem then goes over to Maggie’s booth and is very polite to her.
  • Maggie is confused by his behavior.
  • Stephen then comes to see how she’s doing after Mr. Wakem leaves.
  • Meanwhile, Philip is lurking in a corner watching them.
  • Stephen sees him and goes over to confront him.
  • The two get into a passive-aggressive argument.
  • Stephen then leaves Philip and goes to the town library to sulk.
  • Maggie is still at her booth, having yet another internal crisis.
  • Dr. Kenn sees her and notices she looks distraught. He goes up to talk to her.
  • He asks if she’ll be in town long and Maggie says no rather abruptly.
  • Dr. Kenn leaves and Maggie goes back to pondering Philip and Stephen.
  • Later that night, Lucy and Maggie are talking and Maggie tells her that she is going away soon to start a new governess position.
  • Lucy is upset that Maggie hadn’t told her earlier and can’t understand why Maggie is leaving Philip.
  • Maggie explains that Tom would never let her marry Philip and she can’t break off relations with her brother.
  • Lucy thinks Tom is being ridiculous.
  • Maggie assures Lucy that she’d marry Philip if it weren’t for Tom, and Lucy believes her.

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