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The Mill on the Floss Book 7, Chapter 4

By George Eliot

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Book 7, Chapter 4

Maggie and Lucy

  • Dr. Kenn is appalled at the awful behavior of the people of St. Ogg’s towards Maggie.
  • He tries to explain the situation to people and no one listens to him.
  • He also has no luck in finding Maggie a job since no one will hire her.
  • The town wishes Maggie would either go live with Mrs. Glegg, who actually seemed to want her, or to just leave the town entirely.
  • So Dr. Kenn finally hires Maggie to work as a governess for his own kids.
  • Mrs. Tulliver goes back to live at the Mill again.
  • This causes a new scandal though – everyone in town becomes convinced that Maggie has seduced Dr. Kenn and is making a move on him now that his wife has died.
  • Not everyone buys this, though. Stephen’s sisters are convinced that Maggie is still after him for his money.
  • They write to Stephen about the scandal with Dr. Kenn, hoping Stephen will give Maggie up.
  • Lucy meanwhile takes a vacation with Stephen’s sisters.
  • But the night before she leaves, Lucy sneaks out to see Maggie.
  • Lucy tells Maggie that she forgives her and the two reconcile.
  • Maggie tells Lucy to try to forgive Stephen and the two tearfully part as friends.

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