Study Guide

The Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Tale Lines 600-635

By Geoffrey Chaucer

Lines 600-635

Lines 600-614

  • Alisoun tells Absolon to go away and let her sleep, because she loves someone else.
  • Absolon asks Alisoun to at least give him a kiss before he goes.
  • Alisoun asks if Absolon will go away if she kisses him.
  • Absolon replies that he will.
  • Alisoun tells Absolon to get ready, for she's coming to the window.
  • Alisoun tells Nicholas that soon, he will have a good laugh.

Lines 614-635

  • Absolon gets down on his knees next to the window.
  • He says he feels like a lord, and he is certain that after this kiss, there will be more to come.
  • He tells Alisoun he awaits her will.
  • Alisoun unbars the window and tells Absolon to come quickly so the neighbors don't see him.
  • Absolon wipes his mouth dry.
  • The night is very dark.
  • Alisoun puts her "hole" (butt) out the window.
  • Absolon kisses it enthusiastically.
  • He pulls back, for he thinks he feels a beard – something rough and long-haired.
  • Absolon wonders aloud what he's just done.
  • Alisoun laughs and closes the window.
  • Nicholas expresses delight about the joke.