Study Guide

Dr. Golan in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

By Ransom Riggs

Dr. Golan

Monster M.D.

After Jacob watches his grandfather die, his parents send him to see Dr. Golan, who diagnoses Jacob with "acute stress reaction" (2.26). The good doctor works with Jacob to get to the root of his problem by suggesting he trace Grandpa's roots and learn more about him.

But the doctor has ulterior motives: He wants to follow Jacob in order to get to Miss Peregrine. Dr. Golan is a wight who eats raw meat and helps the hollowgast achieve immortality. He's working with one named Malthus on Cairnholm Island, and his plan seems to be twofold: kidnap Miss Peregrine for the hollowgast's ultimate plan, and feed Malthus as many children as possible. That is definitely not in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

What's with all the hunger for human flesh? Well, we're told that Jeffrey Dahmer was a wight, too (10.60), which explains things a bit.

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