Study Guide

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Chapter 11

By Ransom Riggs

Chapter 11

  • The kids, with Miss Peregrine in tow, return to the house to find it no longer standing.
  • The loop didn't loop, so the house was bombed and now it's a wreck.
  • The kids seem to have escaped, though, and Jacob's crew fills them in on what happened.
  • Hugh says they have to stop them, and Horace, the prophetic dreamer, dreamed where the wights took Miss Avocet.
  • He draws a picture of a fence made of bars and razor wire. A concentration camp? Is the boy with the striped pajamas there, too?
  • The kids decide they have no choice but to search the loops until they find Miss Avocet.
  • Emma fetches the Maps of Days, which lists every loop ever known to exist.
  • The catch is that Jacob will never be able to return to the time he came from.
  • He decides to say goodbye to his dad first.
  • Dad is angry that Jacob has been running away every day, and he flips out when Jacob says he was with his friends, who are imaginary.
  • Well, on cue, said imaginary friends show up.
  • Olive floats in, Millard the invisible boy comes in (a bandage floating in air), and Emma and her flaming hands show up.
  • Dad goes into shock, and pretty much just passes out.
  • Emma leaves Dad a note saying that she'll keep Jacob safe, and that she knew Grandpa Abe. She includes a picture of Abe and herself lying in the grass together.
  • Back in the loop, they bury Victor and then load up in the rowboats.
  • Who knows where they're going? We'll have to buy the sequel.