Study Guide

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Chapter 2

By Ransom Riggs

Chapter 2

  • After Grandpa's death, Jacob is haunted by nightmares of the creature with tentacles that killed Gramps. Seems reasonable to us.
  • He stops leaving the house and falls into a deep depression.
  • It doesn't help that no one believes him, and his friendship with his best friend (read: only friend) Ricky falls apart, because even Ricky swears he never saw it.
  • The official conclusion is that a pack of feral dogs killed Grandpa. Here's the video.
  • Jacob's parents send him to Dr. Golan, a psychiatrist, who diagnoses him with "acute stress reaction" (2.26). His mother "[doesn't] see anything cute about it" (2.26), though. #momjokes
  • One day in therapy, Jacob tells Dr. Golan about Grandpa's last words, about the bird and the loop and something about Emerson.
  • Dr. Golan encourages him to research Emerson, but that doesn't help since Emerson died way before September 3, 1940.
  • Dr. Golan's next piece of advice is for Jacob to return to the scene of the crime, so he goes with his dad and Aunt Susie to sort through Grandpa's things.
  • Dad and Suze just want to throw everything away, which upsets Jacob; he stomps up to Grandpa's bedroom, where he finds a cigar box under the bed.
  • Lots of Grandpa's weird photos are in there: contortionists, twins, a girl trapped in a bottle.
  • Jacob thinks they're all fake, so he trashes them.
  • He soon turns sixteen, and his mom throws a party for him.
  • He gets a digital camera (what year are we in, 2004?) and keys to a car, and, from Aunt Susie, The Selected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • She found it in Grandpa's stuff, and it seems he wanted Jacob to have it. We even see an illustration of Grandpa's inscription: "To Jacob Magellan Portman." (Magellan?)
  • There's a letter inside the book, a handwritten one from Headmistress Alma LeFay Peregrine; she talks about the island and how someone named "E" misses him.
  • The return address is Cairnholm Island, in Wales.
  • Jacob wonders if this is the island Grandpa said he grew up on. He wants to go check it out.
  • His parents think this is a ridiculous idea, but when Dr. Golan says that the trip might help his anxiety, they agree to it.
  • Dad will go, too, because he's an ornithologist and wants to research the birds on the island.
  • Before the trip, Jacob tries to verify that a Ms. Alma LeFay Peregrine lives on the island, but he can't get through on the island's one phone.
  • This is going to be quite the trip.