Study Guide

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Chapter 9

By Ransom Riggs

Chapter 9

  • Jacob tells Emma that he can see monsters, too, to which Emma replies, "I knew there was something peculiar about you" (9.3). She means it in a nice way.
  • Emma says she can't see them at all, which is another reason everyone stays in the loop: Monsters can't enter them.
  • She says that Victor left the loop and got killed by a monster. She's sure glad Abe wasn't killed by monsters.
  • Yeah, about that… Jacob confesses that Grandpa was killed by monsters.
  • Emma takes a moment to be sad before they head back to the shore.
  • Hugh and Fiona are waiting on the shore. Something has happened back at the house, and they have to hurry back.
  • On the way, Hugh says that one of the Bird's ymbryne friends showed up "yelling blue murder" (9.24).
  • Miss Peregrine is taking care of her teacher, Miss Avocet, in the sitting room.
  • Jacob is unable to keep himself from asking Miss Peregrine when she was going to tell him that he, too, was peculiar.
  • She says she was afraid he'd run away if she told him.
  • She goes on to explain that his grandfather moved to America because there were few "hollowgast" (9.58) there, and he lives in relative safety while not fighting them.
  • Miss Avocet wakes up, and she tells Miss Peregrine that wights broke into her loop and kidnapped some of her children to lure the adults away: "The children were merely bait" (9.81).
  • Misses Bunting, Wren, and Treecreeper have all been abducted.
  • Miss Peregrine insists that Jacob spend the night, and he agrees to, but only if she tells him all about the hollowgast.
  • All About the Hollowgast:
    • Around the turn of the century, a "splinter faction" (9.110) of peculiars broke away to search for immortality; they thought they could achieve it by mastering the time loop.
    • The masterminds were Miss Peregrine's two brothers, but she refused to assist them.
    • They convinced other ymbrynes to accompany them to Siberia to conduct their experiments, but something went wrong, and there was a huge explosion.
    • They survived, but were transformed into terrible creatures: the hollowgast. "Rather than becoming gods, they had transformed themselves into devils" (9.114).
    • If a hollowgast, which lives in constant physical torment, gobbles up enough peculiars, it becomes a wight, and can pass for human.
    • Wights lack pupils, though (remember Grandpa's "blind" neighbor?).
  • Miss Peregrine shows Jacob some creepy photos of white-eyed wights.
  • She's concerned that the wights have followed Jacob to the island, and that he'll only be safe with them.
  • Jacob doesn't want to leave his parents, but Miss Peregrine tells him that his parents just don't understand.
  • He returns to town anyway, wondering if the new ornithologist is a wight in disguise.
  • Jacob warns Dad that the ornithologist might be the sheep killer, but Dad thinks he's talking nonsense. See? He just don't understand.