Study Guide

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children The Home

By Ransom Riggs

The Home

We're kind of required to talk about this theme because the word home is in the title of the book. It's not Miss Peregrine's Basketball Court for Peculiar Children or Miss Peregrine's Restaurant for Peculiar Children or Miss Peregrine's Bus Station for Peculiar Children—it's a home. It's permanent… or at least it's supposed to be. And since it's kind of trapped in an infinitely repeating time loop of September 3, 1940 (long story), it better be homey, because once you're there, you might not ever want to (or be able to) leave.

Questions About The Home

  1. What does Miss Peregrine do to make her home seem more like a home instead of an orphanage?
  2. Are the children happy at the home? Why or why not? If there are significant variations in how the kids feel, why do they exist? If there aren't, then why not?
  3. Why doesn't Jacob ever feel at home at his own home in Florida?
  4. Why does Jacob decide to stay in the loop at the end? Does he make the right choice?

Chew on This

Many of the children haven't known any place other than Miss Peregrine's home, so it's easy for them to be happy there.

Just because you're born and raised somewhere doesn't make it home (especially if it's Florida). Jacob has to find where he truly belongs before he can call a place home.

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