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Moby-Dick Chapter 11: Nightgown

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Chapter 11: Nightgown

  • Ishmael and Queequeg lie in bed talking and napping. Ishmael tells us that Queequeg is "now and then affectionately throwing his brown tattooed legs over [his]" (11.1).
  • Before dawn, they’re ready to get up, but it’s still very cold, so they sit up in bed still snuggled under the covers.
  • Ishmael opens his eyes (he’s been keeping them closed to enjoy snuggling down in the warm bed) and is irritated by the fact that it’s still dark.
  • They light a lamp and share a pipe—apparently, Ishmael no longer objects to Queequeg smoking in bed.
  • While they sit there, Queequeg tells Ishmael about his homeland and history (see the next chapter).

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