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Mockingjay Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Katniss is horrified by what she's just learned about Peeta. She tries to scream but can't.
  • Everybody else is freaking out in their own way too.
  • Haymitch tries to pull them all together to explain that Peeta was giving a coded message: the Capitol is planning an assault on 13. Katniss agrees.
  • Coin thinks the Capitol wouldn't take a chance on it, since 13 is a viable opponent now, but she agrees they should prepare just in case. She orders everyone to act as though an assault is imminent, and to protect themselves accordingly.
  • This is the first time Katniss has experienced what hard-core security measures in 13 are like. Extremely loud sirens go off.
  • Katniss and Finnick go with Boggs deeper and deeper into the depths of 13. All the people are somehow calm and orderly.
  • Everyone must check in electronically. By the time they stop descending, they're the deepest within the earth Katniss ever has gone. Katniss is going to her assigned area when she runs into Plutarch. He tells her it's really important she appears courageous and calm, since all the people there will be taking cues from her.
  • This annoys Katniss. She continues to participate in security measures by gathering supplies for the people assigned to the portion of the secure compound with her. Other people seem to be mimicking her.
  • Then she has nothing to do. Her mother shows up, but Prim's not with her. Katniss realizes that Prim must have gone to get their cat, which is totally against the rules.
  • Katniss races to keep the military from sealing the compound until Prim gets there. It's down to the wire before Prim slides in, along with Buttercup and Gale.
  • Katniss tries to scold her sister, but doesn't have the heart to. The cat's really cute.
  • Gale brought the medical stuff Katniss took in 12, and her hunting gear.
  • All the people in the compound retreat to their assigned zones.
  • Suddenly, the assault begins. Peeta was right to warn them; the danger is very real.
  • Katniss and her family draw close together for comfort. They discuss the possibility that the weapons coming down on them might be nuclear. If so, even with the precautions they've taken, they could all die.
  • Katniss wonders why it was so tough for Peeta to say the warning on camera. It seems out of character of him.
  • Coin makes an announcement that everyone should stay where they are until they attack ends.
  • Katniss's mother goes to the medical area. Eventually, everyone has to go to bed.
  • Then, Katniss and Prim have a chance to talk. Prim reveals she's going to get medical training, to be able to help out.
  • Katniss shares her feelings and worry about Peeta. The two girls realize that Peeta is the last tool the Capitol has against Katniss, and they'll happily use him against her in any way possible.

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