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Mockingjay Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • The assaults continue for the next several days. During that time, Katniss frets about Peeta and what the Capitol might do to him.
  • The rebels who are hiding don't have much information. It seems like the Capitol isn't trying to wipe out 13 completely – just damage it.
  • Everyone is bored. They're all excited about Buttercup and play a game called Crazy Cat with him. In Crazy Cat, Buttercup chases the light from a flashlight, but can never catch it. We've definitely played that game before.
  • Katniss says she feels like Buttercup, playing Crazy Cat, with Peeta as the elusive prize.
  • She starts to feel like she's going crazy; how can she cope with the knowledge that Peeta is undergoing such suffering? She thinks this has been Snow's plan all along.
  • One night, when everyone else is asleep, Katniss meets with Finnick to strategize. She realizes this destruction of a loved one is the same tactic the Capitol used on him, so he can be a pretty good advisor.
  • Finnick apologizes for not trying to prepare Katniss for this sooner. They talk about how she loves Peeta. Aw.
  • He tells her to tie knots in a piece of rope. That's how he gets through it.
  • Finally, the next day, the assault is over and the people of 13 can go back to their daily routines.
  • Immediately, Katniss and Finnick have to go with Gale and Boggs over to the Special Defense area, where they meet the other major authorities of 13.
  • They have coffee as a special treat, and learn that they have to go investigate the damage above ground so it can be filmed for further promotions. Yes, they're already thinking about promotions again.
  • Finnick and Katniss have a bonding moment, and she worries that it might be making Gale act weird.
  • They're all prepped and sent up to the surface.
  • Katniss finds out that more than a month has passed since the Quarter Quell. Whoa.
  • The team moves across the wasted area, seeing all the damage the bombs did. They realize what a great deed Peeta did by giving them that message.
  • On their way to the Justice Building, they find a bunch of roses on the ground. Katniss knows they're from Snow, and are another message. The folks back at 13 will investigate the roses.  Too bad Katniss is never going to be able to enjoy roses again.
  • Katniss is shaky and upset; it's hard for her to be part of the propo. She can't even say the line she's given, and bursts into tears. She doesn't want to do anything because of what will happen to Peeta.
  • Finnick explains why Katniss is so upset, and Haymitch soothes her.
  • But Katniss freaks out and the others drug her.
  • When Katniss wakes up, Haymitch is with her in the hospital. He says that the rebels will try and rescue Peeta. They'll attempt to save Annie (Finnick's honey), too.
  • He says it's worth it, even though it will mean a big sacrifice for the rebels.
  • Then Haymitch admits that Boggs and Gale are two of the people who went on the dangerous rescue mission.

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