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Mockingjay Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • Katniss describes District 2. At its center is a mountain that the rebels call the Nut. It's where the Capitol keeps a lot of armed forces and supplies.
  • It's hidden, easy to defend, and tough to attack. The rebels have had a tough time getting close to it.
  • Katniss immerses herself in the fighting here so she doesn't have to think about Peeta, but she can't help doing so anyway. She blames Snow for turning her friend, her love, into a weapon.
  • Plutarch's been telling her that Peeta is improving, but Haymitch disagrees. Prim has suggested doing a kind of reverse hijacking, but it's too early to tell if that will actually work or not.
  • Meanwhile things are at a stalemate in 2. So, the rebels arrange for more reinforcements, including Gale and Beetee.
  • After the reinforcements arrive, Gale and Katniss have some alone time. They end up talking about their relationship, and how she's always torn between him and Peeta. Gale says it's unfair, because after what happened to Peeta they aren't on equal competitive footing.
  • Gale and Katniss make out.
  • She loses herself in the moment, but then Gale brings things to a pause. He says that she's not really present, so they shouldn't continue.
  • Katniss finds out that Gale's had lots of other romantic encounters. He counters that many people have desired her too.
  • The next day the reinforcements start making a new plan to attack the Nut.
  • Katniss realizes that the District 2 commander, Lyme, is a former winner of the Games.
  • Nearly the whole day passes and nothing has been resolved.
  • Finally, Gale suggests a plan: to create an avalanche on the Nut and keep its citizens from escaping. It's an inhumane plan: everyone inside will die. Points for creativity, but not for humanity, Gale.

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