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Mockingjay Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • Gale's plan has mixed reactions. People point out that the people from 2 are innocent victims.
  • Katniss realizes that Gale is dangerous – he has sacrificial tendencies that she, perhaps, doesn't share.
  • Boggs suggests a compromise in which they follow part of Gale's plan but then take the people from the Nut as prisoners of war.
  • Beetee says they need to check in with Coin about the strategy.
  • Later that same day, the rebels are about to engage with the Nut. Katniss is taking part, as the Mockingjay.
  • The plan works. The people in the Nut aren't at all prepared for the rebels to attack them, and their response is too little, too late. The avalanche is successful and traps all the citizens inside the Nut.
  • This gives Katniss a flashback to finding out about the mining accident that killed her father. About waiting for him to come out of the collapsed tunnel, and the fact that he never appeared. As usual, we bet the propo folks were wishing they could film her thoughts.
  • Over the intercom in her earpiece, Haymitch makes her snap out of it and retreat.
  • She goes inside and is overcome by other memories.
  • Boggs comes to join her and says that they didn't just automatically kill everyone; they went with the prisoner of war plan. Phew.
  • Any survivors will leave the mountain and come out into the square by the train station, which the rebels have nearly taken under complete control.
  • Haymitch speaks to Katniss again and updates her on Peeta. Peeta's remembered, positively (yahoo!), an encounter with Katniss's father. Her father sang "The Hanging Tree," the same song she sang to the mockingjays.
  • Outside, the battle continues, and Katniss wishes for the old Peeta.
  • That night, Katniss hears from Haymitch again. He wants her to act as Mockingjay and recite a speech, encouraging the remaining survivors to turn themselves in.
  • She agrees to, but reluctantly.
  • Just as she begins the speech, the remaining survivors start appearing.
  • Katniss intercedes in what could be a bloodbath and tells the rebels to stop. She runs out to defend one of the survivors and he points his gun at her.
  • It's a moment of extreme danger. Katniss saves the day by telling him they've <em>both</em> suffered in the same way, and that they're all being used by other people.
  • She tells the man to kill her because it's what the Capitol would want.
  • As she coaxes him, Katniss thinks about Peeta and how smart he is. She encourages everyone around her to join together as one – not to fight amongst themselves, but to fight together against the Capitol.
  • Then she gets shot.

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