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Mockingjay Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • Katniss comes to, but in a morphling haze. She's been drugged up (again!) to deal with the pain, and has been dreaming of Peeta. 
  • The drug is wearing off, and she's in major pain.
  • She doesn't know who shot her, except that it <em>wasn't</em> the man she was cajoling by the train.
  • Johanna, another former tribute, comes in to her hospital room.
  • Johanna steals Katniss's drugs and Katniss lets her, because Johanna has really taken a lot for their side.
  • Katniss thinks Johanna is doing better, but still has it rough. Johanna explains that even though Katniss was shot at, the bullet didn't actually get through her armor. It's just the force of being hit that messed her up. Phew.
  • But her spleen is toast.
  • They talk about who is more fitted to lead the rebels.
  • Johanna leaves after Gale comes in. He and Katniss talk about whether what they did in 2 was moral or not. They might disagree because she's been through the Games and he hasn't.
  • Gale says he thinks they were victorious in 2.
  • The medical team makes Katniss have a short recovery time and start getting out there again.
  • At one point, Plutarch comes to update her on how things are. The rebels have been able to isolate the Capitol. Plutarch says the people there won't be able to hack it for long.
  • Plutarch reveals plans for another propo: the marriage of Finnick and Annie. Katniss momentarily freaks out that the rebels want her and Peeta to have a fake wedding, luckily but they don't.
  • Everyone in 13 becomes excited about the upcoming wedding.
  • Katniss suggests that Annie wear one of her outfits for the wedding, and the two are taken back to 12 to evaluate outfits, along with the prep team. Katniss thinks Annie is still not all there mentally.
  • Katniss and her team miss Cinna.
  • The wedding goes off beautifully. Finnick and Annie are truly happy.
  • Dancing follows the ceremony. Johanna tells Katniss she should dance, so Katniss joins in, along with Prim.
  • The celebrations end with a special wedding cake. Katniss realizes that Peeta is the person who made the cake. So he must be doing better.
  • Haymitch draws Katniss aside to explain. He says Peeta is improving, but has lapses, and that he's requested a meeting with Katniss. She's taken aback but agrees (of course).
  • That night, they meet. Lots of people are watching them, and Peeta is tied up in case something bad happens.
  • It almost seems like he's forgotten her – like he knows of her but doesn't <em>know</em> her.
  • She panics and wants to get out of there. But then Peeta tells her he does have a few good memories.
  • He realizes he had feelings for her and asks if she did for him, but Katniss totally sidesteps the question (probably because of all the nosy witnesses). They have a fight about Gale and part on bad terms. As Katniss leaves, she starts to feel bad about her character.

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