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Mockingjay Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • Later, Katniss is furious when she discovers the rebels aren't planning to assign her to the fighting in the heart of the Capitol.
  • Coin tells her it's because she hasn't been training enough, in contrast to Gale (probably because she keeps getting drugged by all them). Boggs agrees.
  • Katniss pleads her case and is given three weeks to bulk up. At that point, she might be re-evaluated.
  • She returns to the hospital and finds Johanna, who's in the same boat. They bond.
  • The next day, they're humiliated at training because they are out of shape and are way behind. The woman training them, Soldier York, tells Katniss she can sign her up for a painful treatment that would help her ribs heal faster.
  • Katniss does it and is soon in agony. She can't take the painkillers she was on before, and can barely sleep that night. This means Johanna's cut off from her drug supply and so she isn't happy either.
  • The next day they go train even though it's raining really hard.
  • They both have difficulty holding it together but Johanna's even worse off than Katniss.
  • At the end of the day, Johanna decides they should move out of the hospital and into their own zone. It takes some convincing, and finally Katniss and Johanna have to agree to be roommates.
  • Hardly any time has passed before Katniss finds Johanna going through her stuff. Katniss lets her do it anyway.
  • The two girls talk about all the other surviving tributes, and what being in the arena has done to them.
  • A week passes, and both Katniss and Johanna are already growing stronger.
  • At that evening meal, things seem jolly. They sit with Gale, Delly, Annie, and Finnick, and have a good conversation.
  • Everything is fine until Peeta arrives. He asks if he can sit with them, and Johanna welcomes him.
  • The mood suddenly seems spoiled, though. Finnick and Annie leave.
  • Peeta seems off.
  • They all fight, coming up with insults in any way they can.
  • Gale and Katniss leave together, and he tries to soothe her.
  • That night, Katniss goes to bed thinking about how Johanna and Peeta could hear each other screaming when Snow was torturing them. 

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