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Mockingjay Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • In addition to Katniss's anger and fear, Boggs is really upset about Peeta joining their squad. He complains to his superiors and puts Peeta under surveillance.
  • Katniss asks him whether he thinks Coin might want to kill her.
  • Somewhat surprisingly, he says yes, because Coin now seems to think Katniss is more dangerous than she is useful. Coin is worried that Katniss can influence public opinion.
  • Katniss that realizes if she dies, that would help the rebels' cause. There are even fewer people she can trust now, sheesh.
  • Boggs is one of those few. She worries that now she owes him too much to try and sneak away with his Holo.
  • The group is dividing themselves up into sections to guard Peeta. The woman in charge of this, Jackson, hasn't assigned Katniss yet. She demands to be added, and insults Peeta. The others cave and allow her to be assigned.
  • At the evening meal, Katniss and Gale briefly confer. He indicates he'd like to go with her if she strikes out on her own.
  • Back with their squad, Katniss feels uncomfortable. She checks in with Haymitch and he reprimands her for not treating Peeta better, and for acting like he's the one responsible for Coin's ideas.
  • Haymitch says if roles were reversed, Peeta would be nice to Katniss.
  • Katniss feels bad now and doesn't know what to do.
  • Soon, it's time for her shift guarding Peeta.
  • Peeta's awake and eventually the two of them are able to talk.
  • He confesses that he's so mentally lost that he doesn't want to believe. Finnick speaks up and says Peeta should just ask questions about it.
  • Katniss realizes if she were in Peeta's position, she'd be in a much worse condition.
  • She tells him some facts that are true, that he can grasp on to for now.
  • The following day, it's back to work. Katniss and a few of the squad do camera stuff, while Jackson and some others try to help Peeta figure out what is true.
  • They take turns helping him remember even the tiniest details.
  • Another day passes, and the squad finally gets a chance for action. Word comes down that they're going to go into the streets of the Capitol and do some filming. They'll be in some danger, but it shouldn't be too bad. The rebels think they have the hidden dangers in that area all figured out.  This kind of speculation probably means they don't.
  • As they get ready in full-on armor and protective gear, Peeta tells a story about how two people Katniss knows, Darius and Lavinia, were tortured to death. It's horrible.
  • Gale and Katniss are deeply saddened and wordlessly comfort each other. She can tell that he's now more mercilessly bent on revenge than ever.
  • With that finished, they move into the city to start filming. It's hard to tell whether they're making a commercial or engaging in a battle. They anticipate two weapon pods that will need to be triggered.
  • Gale sets off the first one and everybody is fine. They have to act out some parts again so it can be filmed and everyone relaxes a little – a little too much.
  • Boggs calls them back to order. Then he accidentally puts a foot wrong and sets off a bomb. It hits him right in the legs.

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