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Mockingjay Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • Peeta insists that he should be punished for causing Mitchell's death. The others try to convince him that he's wrong.
  • He says he can't be trusted and he'd rather die than fall into Snow's hands again. This makes Katniss think of the Hanging Tree song.
  • They won't let Peeta go back to Snow.
  • Peeta requests his own supply of nightlock – the rebels' suicide poison.
  • Katniss is really reminded of being back in the Games. She won't let Peeta die.
  • The rebels regroup and look for food. They find some cans of food and that helps them get by for a bit.
  • Then, they watch another Capitol broadcast. The broadcast is reminiscent of the ones made during the Games. It reinforces the idea that Katniss's team has all died.
  • Then, President Snow appears. He rags on Katniss and the rebels. His speech is interrupted by the rebels, though, as Coin comes through and describes Katniss as a martyr. They can still use her as a Mockingjay even if they think she's dead.
  • The broadcast returns to Snow, and then ends.
  • The rebels have limited time before the Capitol realizes they didn't die. So Katniss gets back to it and makes Jackson help her learn more about the Holo.
  • They're in an even more dangerous place than they were before.
  • Katniss regrets the lie she told about her fake task; it's put all these other people in danger.
  • Their only option is to head into the earth. They can travel behind/underneath the apartments.
  • Katniss insists that Peeta stay alive and come with them. They clean up and move out.
  • Messalla leads them underground, where Pollux becomes their guide – turns out, he used to work as an underground servant for the Capitol.
  • Peeta makes a joke about it, and Katniss thinks maybe he's still really in there somewhere.
  • Pollux leads them through the treacherous underground, and they're super lucky that he is there with them.
  • They take a break to rest. Katniss and Pollux strategize about which path to take.
  • Then, Katniss and Peeta have a brief conversation while she helps him eat. It seems that, little by little, he's starting to remember his own thoughts and become less hijacked.
  • They have a sweet moment where Katniss reminds him that they stand by each other.
  • Then they all pack up and start getting ready to go. There's a strange noise coming through, though.
  • Katniss soon realizes that it's her name being said on a constant loop. Creepy alert.

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