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Mockingjay Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • Katniss immediately realizes the noise is coming from some kind of Capitol weapon, possibly mutts, and that the Capitol's side must have quickly realized that she and the other rebels are still alive.
  • It seems to be awakening something in Peeta, too. He freaks out and tells Katniss she has to run – that something is coming to get her.
  • The others are determined to stay with Katniss, even though she thinks they should leave because of the danger.
  • They run through the underground, but can hear terrible sounds behind them. Other people in the tunnel are being attacked. Katniss keeps asking the others to leave her but they refuse.
  • She smells roses, but no one else can. Creepy roses!
  • They run through a central area called the Transfer. Katniss is leading them through the pods that they already know about, but Messalla gets caught by a surprise one and dies terribly.
  • Peeta pushes them onward. The rebel team makes it through a group of Peacekeepers that are chasing them, but then mutts overwhelm the Peacekeepers themselves. The mutts kill the Peacekeepers and then head toward the rebels.
  • Katniss leads the rebels to the surface with Pollux's help, hoping the mutts will get trapped in a different pod.
  • They get out through the sewer, but Jackson and Leeg 1 don't come. They sacrifice themselves so the others can escape. Bah.
  • The mutts follow but they get trapped in poisonous liquid. The rebels are able to hold them back.
  • Katniss and the others start climbing toward the surface. Pollux, Peeta, Cressida, and Gale make it. Gale is seriously injured, though.
  • Katniss watches in horror as Finnick succumbs to the mutts. The other members of their team are lost too. Katniss uses the Holo to explode the area below them. This destroys the Holo, though – and they'll have to go on without it.
  • Peeta is in despair. Katniss forces him to come back to them by kissing him hard. This seems to revive him.
  • The rebels keep climbing and enter a new apartment. There's a woman inside. Before she can say anything, Katniss kills her.

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