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Mockingjay Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

  • Katniss leaves Snow's quarters, white rose in hand, and passes Paylor as she goes back to her room.
  • She puts the rose in water and forces herself to consider what Snow has said. She has to know, even if it really hurts to find out.
  • She thinks either the Capitol killed all the children so they could get the rebels, or the rebels disguised themselves as Capitol soldiers to strike the last time.
  • Katniss keeps second-guessing herself. It seems unlikely 13 would sacrifice so many innocent lives. On the other hand, she knows they had the technology to do it.
  • Maybe Snow isn't lying. He seems pretty right about Coin's role in it all.
  • Katniss thinks back to what Boggs told her, about how Coin probably saw her as a danger.
  • She remembers Prim and gets really sad again, wondering if her sister's death was caused deliberately or by accident.
  • She wishes for a friend to talk to and the only person who might be able to help is Gale. But to ask him would open up the possibility that it was his weapon that killed her sister.
  • Then, Katniss realizes she could check with Haymitch. She goes to find him, but he's a drunken mess. He insults her and she heads out – clearly he's not the best person to talk to right now.
  • She hides in a closet and takes some morphling, before descending into a hysterical fit.
  • Finally people discover her and try to bring her back to herself. Katniss runs into Haymitch before having to clean herself up and then submit to her prep team. It's time to get all made up for Snow's execution.
  • Shockingly, Effie Trinket appears. She's not dead after all.
  • Katniss transforms into the Mockingjay once again.
  • Gale stops by. Something in their relationship has been broken.
  • So Katniss comes right out and asks whether his weapon killed Prim. Gale has no idea, but he does know that it's ruined his relationship with Katniss either way. They clearly can't be together after that.
  • He leaves.
  • Katniss finds her rose, goes to the prep team, and ends up in a room with all the other surviving Games victors. Only a few are left.
  • Coin comes in and says the remaining people are safe because of Katniss's demand for protection of certain victors.
  • Coin explains that Panem's people still want justice outside of Snow's death. The victors have to vote on another possible option for providing that justice: enacting one final Games. This one would use children from important Capitol families.
  • Peeta votes no.
  • Johanna and Enobaria vote yes.
  • Annie and Beetee vote no.
  • Katniss is concerned that after all they've been through, it was for nothing. She votes yes.
  • Haymitch votes with Katniss.
  • As Coin is leaving, Katniss gives her the rose to take to Snow.
  • Then it's a whirlwind sweeping Katniss and the others out to Snow's execution.
  • She and Snow face each other, and she's given a weapon.
  • He seems to be telling her something with his eyes.
  • Katniss shoots. But the person she hits is not Snow, but Coin. Coin dies.

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