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Mockingjay Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  • Katniss goes back to her quarters and has a poor night's sleep, even though her mother, sister, and Buttercup are there with her.
  • She ends up getting up and going to look for her special objects, which she keeps in the dresser. She finds the pearl Peeta gave her and caresses it.
  • Prim wakes up and talks with Katniss. During their conversation, Katniss realizes that Prim has really grown up now.
  • Katniss says she's going to be the Mockingjay and is worried about Peeta. Prim reassures her that she has power and can make the revolutionaries work to keep Peeta safe.
  • Katniss realizes that in order to make that happen, she'll need to forge an agreement in front of lots of people, so no one can deny it later on.
  • The next day, Katniss has breakfast with Gale. Gale shares his food even though he isn't supposed to.
  • Katniss decides that in addition to asking for help saving Peeta, she'll try to get permission for her and Gale to start hunting again. Then, they go over to Command.
  • Katniss makes a short list of all the things she'll ask for in the negotiations.
  • She has to stop and remind herself of who she is again, of what's happened to her.
  • Then, she gathers herself and explains what she wants in exchange for being the Mockingjay.
  • The revolutionaries agree to the following terms: Katniss's family can keep Buttercup; she and Gale can go hunting together.
  • The revolutionaries bring up Katniss's complicated relationships with Gale and Peeta. They have to keep spinning things like Katniss and Peeta are still in love.
  • Katniss requests, and gets, permission for Peeta and the other former tributes from the arena to receive pardons after the revolutionaries win the war. She threatens to not be the Mockingjay unless this other request is granted.
  • She also requests permission to kill President Snow.  This definitely doesn't seem to be on the same level of request as keeping her family cat.  But still.
  • After this discussion, Coin and the other revolutionaries leave Command, and Katniss confers with Plutarch, Gale, and Fulvia.
  • Plutarch reveals the plans for Katniss as Mockingjay, and shows her some costumes Cinna designed. It's like a message from a ghost: Cinna believes in her still.
  • Plutarch says they're going to make short commercials, called "propos," that star Katniss and advance the revolutionaries' cause.
  • Fulvia says they're going to have to work hard to figure out what image Katniss should present.
  • The group leaves Command and goes farther into the underground center than Katniss has ever been. She has a bad feeling about what's happening.
  • Security tries to stop them, but Katniss and Gale are ahead of them. They manage to break into a closed room and discover the people who helped prepare Katniss for her trips to the arena. Only now, they're prisoners of 13.

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