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Mockingjay Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Katniss can't sleep because she keeps thinking about Peeta now. She and Finnick go outside, where they can talk safely without being overheard.
  • Back at 13, Katniss keeps wondering about whether anyone, even Gale, is telling her the truth.
  • The next day, she picks a fight with Gale because she's still so worried about Peeta.
  • Katniss criticizes Gale for interacting so much with Coin, and they part on bad terms.
  • However, they will have to spend more time together, because they're going back to 12 to do more crazy propos.
  • Cressida and Plutarch go with them and help strategize.
  • Plutarch reveals that things are going well in the war. Two more districts are siding with them now.
  • Haymitch is notably absent from the day's outing.
  • This time, it seems like being in 12 is even harder than it was before.
  • Katniss and Gale are both filmed in the ruins of their old homes. It's very difficult for both of them, obvi.
  • During their lunch break, they come across a mockingjay. Katniss sings with it to show Pollux, who's with them, how it works. He asks her to sing and she does. The mockingjay and its fellows sing back.
  • She ends up singing a song called "The Hanging Tree."
  • Katniss remembers how her father used to sing it to her, and how doing so caused her parents to get into a fight. She remembers the song so well because of that.
  • She explains what the words of the song mean; they're about a criminal who was hanged and is calling to his wife or girlfriend to come join him, possibly in death.
  • Katniss figures out the cameras are on. Her private moment has become part of the rebels' schemes. Great.
  • On their way back from the break, they pause at the place where Katniss and Gale used to hunt.
  • Katniss frets that her friendship with Gale is slowly being destroyed – that they don't need each other any more. That maybe they can't trust each other anymore.
  • They both make an effort and things seem to ease between them.
  • They do more stuff for the propos, and then Katniss and Gale meet again in the house she lived in the previous year. She's gathering more medicaments to take to her mom.
  • They kiss.
  • Then, they go back to 13. Katniss, exhausted (from kissing? well, probably not), goes to sleep immediately.
  • The next day. Katniss sleeps for most of it as well, and then Boggs appears to take her to an unscheduled Command gathering.
  • At the gathering, Finnick explains that Beetee has made new technology that will enable them to get into the Capitol's broadcast system.
  • They watch part of a live television event where Snow and Peeta appear. Peeta is in even worse condition then before.
  • Peeta is still pleading for a ceasefire. Then, that broadcast is interjected by Beetee's work with the propos. The broadcast is cut up.
  • Snow and Peeta appear once again. Peeta is forced into speaking and gives Katniss a direct warning:  all their lives are in danger.
  • As the broadcast ends, it's clear that Peeta is being savagely beaten. He's more in danger than ever.

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