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The Elder Brother in Moll Flanders

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The Elder Brother

This guy's a real prize. Okay, okay, course we're being sarcastic, because by any standard, the elder brother with whom Moll has an ill-advised fling is a big fat Jerk. Did you notice the capital J?

He totally tricks Moll into behaving like a prostitute, and of course he manages to come out of the affair totally unscathed, reputation intact. After sleeping with her out of wedlock and going back on his promise to marry her, the final knife twist comes when he urges Moll to marry his younger brother as a way to solve all their problems. See? Jerk.

This older brother, unfortunately, is the first of many men in Moll's life. And if her experience with him is any indication, Moll has got a bumpy ride to romance ahead.

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