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A Monster Calls Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Grandma's House

  • After five days at Grandma's, the monster still hasn't come to visit. 
  • As he looks out the window and thinks how Grandma doesn't even have a yard, Conor worries that maybe yew tree monsters aren't down with that.
  • Grandma tells him to stop standing there and pick up his backpack. His dad's on the way and she doesn't want his him to think Conor's living in a pigsty.
  • Which is ridiculous, since Grandma's house is cleaner than his mom's hospital room.
  • When he picks up the backpack, Grandma takes off, and Conor's alone in the house waiting for his pops.
  • He's also waiting for the monster, who continues to be a no-show.
  • To kill some time, Conor goes into the living room to read a book. Still no monster. Conor looks into the floorboards to ask if it's there, but nada.
  • The doorbell rings, and there's his old man.
  • Surprisingly, Conor smiles his first real smile in a long time.

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