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A Monster Calls Chapter 13

By Patrick Ness

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Chapter 13


  • Conor and his dad have just been to the hospital, where his mom isn't doing so hot. Now they're in a restaurant, shooting the breeze.
  • Dad wants Conor to come stay with him for Christmas break, but Conor, still deliberately clueless, asks, "What about Mum?"
  • Avoiding the question altogether, pops says Grandma thinks a trip to America would be good for Conor, too.
  • Changing the subject, Conor tells his dad about the tree, and that it hasn't come to Grandma's house yet, even though he's been waiting for it. 
  • Dad, of course, thinks Conor's gone a little bonkers, and tells his kid to cut it out.
  • So Conor changes the subject yet again: he doesn't want to live with Grandma. Can he come live in America instead?
  • Eesh. This conversation becomes a major bummer right quick. His dad has lots of excuses: their house is small, they have a baby, etc. It's really best that Conor stays with his gram. 
  • Best for whom? Conor wants to know.
  • The waitress brings their pizzas. Dad has ordered an Americano. 
  • Conor says that if the pizza could talk, it would sound like his dad.

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