Study Guide

A Monster Calls Chapter 17

By Patrick Ness

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Chapter 17


  • Conor looks down and realizes his hands are bloody.
  • And there's no monster.
  • Grandma's car pulls into the driveway.
  • Dun dun dun.
  • When she comes into the house, she sees the living room and starts wailing, but it's not about the living room. She's shocked at the living room, but the wailing is about Conor's mom, of course.
  • And then she screams, and comes tearing through the living room, kicking everything. Looks like she's joining in the mayhem.
  • She grabs the only thing still standing, her display cabinet full of precious fragile things, and pulls it to the ground before going to her room.
  • Conor spends the night trying to clean up the mess, but it's too much for the little guy. At dawn, he goes to bed, and he hears his grandma still awake in her room, weeping.

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