Study Guide

A Monster Calls Chapter 18

By Patrick Ness

Chapter 18


  • The next day at school, Lily's ignoring Conor. She's yet another person who's treating him like he's invisible.
  • So it's a bit of a relief when Conor's bullies come up to him. Hey, at least they notice he exists.
  • We flashback to the night before, when Conor only slept enough to have the nightmare with the screaming and the falling.
  • When he went downstairs for breakfast, his father was in the kitchen making some grub.
  • The two have another talk, the gist of which is this: Conor's mom has gotten worse, Grandma's on the way to the hospital, and Dad's going to take Conor to school.
  • Of course Conor doesn't want to go to school; he wants to see his mom.
  • But dad puts the kibosh on that right quick, because things are looking pretty dire. He promises, though, to pick Conor up right after school and take him to her, unless he needs to come get him earlier.
  • Oh, and about the living room: neither dad nor Grandma are mad. They're going to pretend it never happened.
  • Flash forward to the present, where we're back school, and everybody's being extra-nice to Conor. That's why he's so glad to see the bullies approaching.
  • When Harry acts reticent about beating him up, Conor says just to do it.
  • Harry won't, though. He just walks away like Conor's invisible to him, too.

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