Study Guide

A Monster Calls Chapter 22

By Patrick Ness

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Chapter 22

I No Longer See You

  • The next day at school, it's the same story: everybody's ignoring Conor, who's still convinced the monster has come to save his mother.
  • He's actually begging the monster under his breath at lunch when the bullies come and knock his juice into his lap. Then they tease him, saying he's wet himself.
  • Real original, guys.
  • That's it. After they've done that, Harry says he's going to do the worst thing to Conor he can do.
  • He shakes his hand, says, "I no longer see you," and walks away with his friends. None of them look back. Oof. That was rough.
  • The clock in the lunchroom strikes 12:07, and there's the monster, right on cue, ready to tell the third story.

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