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A Monster Calls Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

The Third Tale

  • This one's about an invisible man. He's not really invisible, though. People have just grown used to not seeing him. 
  • And if nobody sees you, are you really there at all?
  • Suddenly, Conor yells at Harry, but Harry doesn't turn around. 
  • The monster tells Conor that one day the invisible man decided he would make people see him.
  • How? By calling for a monster, of course.
  • Like the one who reaches out and knocks Harry over.
  • Harry yells at Conor, saying he thinks he's so special because his mom's sick, and that he walks around acting like nobody knows how much he's suffering, but what he really wants is to be punished.
  • But what Harry sees when he looks at Conor, he says, is nothing.
  • Oh it's on like Donkey Kong, Shmoopers. 
  • The monster lunges toward Harry to make him see.

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