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A Monster Calls Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

A Note

  • The days go by, and even fewer people are talking to Conor. The kids at school are still ignoring him, his mom's always sleeping, his grandma's too preoccupied and exhausted, and his dad has nothing to say when he calls to check on his son.
  • Worst of all, the monster's gone. Apparently it's not talking to him either.
  • The nightmare's still happening, though. Now Conor has it several times a night.
  • The day Mrs. Marl hands back the life writing papers (in case you forgot about those), Conor doesn't get one, because he didn't write one.
  • In class, Lily hands him a note. In it, she apologizes for blabbing about his mom and says she misses being his friend.
  • The last line of the note is "I see you," underlined over and over again. Aw.
  • Just as he turns to speak to her, the school secretary comes in and whispers something to Mrs. Marl.
  • They both turn to look at Conor.
  • Uh oh.

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