Study Guide

A Monster Calls Chapter 26

By Patrick Ness

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Chapter 26

100 Years

  • At the hospital, Conor expects the worst.
  • But his mom's sitting up in bed smiling at him. The yew tree must have healed her, he thinks.
  • Then he sees the sadness in her eyes—despite the smile—and knows they wouldn't have pulled him out of school if something weren't really wrong.
  • She finally tells him the treatment has flat out failed. She has an infection, and while she had thought that her friend the yew tree would help, no such luck.
  • Conor can be as angry as he wants, she says. Even at her. She'll forgive him. She knows everything he wants to say to her without him having to tell her.
  • Then she pushes her painkiller button and goes to sleep, but not before telling him she wishes she had a hundred more years to give to him.
  • Conor tells his grandma he wants to go home. To his house, not hers—the house with the yew tree.

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