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A Monster Calls Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

The Rest of the Fourth Tale

  • This is the point at which Conor usually wakes up, but the monster's not letting him off the hook tonight. 
  • So Conor begs again. He simply has to go see her.
  • The monster says she's not there anymore, because Conor let her go.
  • And when Conor says that it was just a nightmare, the monster tells him it's the truth. But Conor has to tell it himself, or he can never leave the nightmare. 
  • The truth the monster wants—the thing he wants Conor to say—is that his mother didn't fall. 
  • He let her go. In fact, he wanted her to fall.
  • Though Conor says it will kill him to tell the truth, the monster just won't let him off the hook. It wants to know why Conor let go in the first place.
  • And finally, with much difficulty, Conor tells: he couldn't stand it anymore. He just wanted it to be over with.

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