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A Monster Calls Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


  • Time for wacky Grandma! She's not your average wrinkly, nice, knitting geriatric. She dyes her hair and refuses to grow old gracefully.
  • She's there to Take Care of Things, and almost as soon as she walks through the door, she's all about solutions. She starts talking about a school near her house that Conor can go to, when you-know-who finally you-know-whats of the big C-word.
  • Conor and his mother say he's fine where he is. Denial: it's not a river in Egypt.
  • Fleeing the conversation, Conor goes into the kitchen and starts furiously wiping down the counters. When he looks out the window, he sees the monster standing in the backyard watching him.
  • Grandma wants to have a talk, but Conor's tired of having talks. He tells his grandma his mom will be fine tomorrow, at which point Grandma can hit the road.
  • They hear Conor's mom calling from the living room, and Grandma runs in to help.
  • Eavesdropping, Conor can hear his G-ma trying to comfort his mom. And then he hears her booting into a bucket.

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