Study Guide

A Monster Calls Chapter 7

By Patrick Ness

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Chapter 7

The Wildness of Stories

  • Conor goes to sleep on the living room settee that night and has the nightmare again.
  • He wakes up at 12:07, of course. But there's no monster to be found.
  • Then, when he goes and looks out the kitchen window, there it is, just chillin' and waiting for him. No creaking wood or calling out Conor's name tonight.
  • Conor goes outside to have a visit. These two are getting quite friendly.
  • It's time to tell the first story, says the monster. 
  • But Conor's not having it. He tells the monster it's not real and he doesn't have time to listen to any stupid stories. 
  • Oh really? The monster one-ups Conor's argument by asking the kiddo how the monster can leave very real berries on Conor's very real floor if he is, in fact, not real? 
  • Whatevs. Conor does not think berries are all that scary. But since the monster's here, Conor wishes he would help Conor get rid of his Grandma. You know, do a little slaying of the enemies, as monsters are wont to do? 
  • The monster says he'll tell a story about slaying some enemies.

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