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Le Morte D'Arthur Book 12

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Book 12

  • Meanwhile, Launcelot, having run away, comes to an encampment where he finds two swords hanging from a tree. He knocks out the knight who comes out of the tent, then jumps into bed with his lady. Well that was quick.
  • The knight, Sir Blyaunte, calls for his brother, Sir Selyvaunte, to bring six men and a horse-litter, upon which they carry Launcelot back to their castle, where they care for him (while keeping him prisoner) for a year and a half.
  • One day, Launcelot sees Blyaunte and Selyvaunte being attacked by two other knights and breaks out of his chains to come to their defense. After that, Blyaunte and Selyvaunte don't lock him up anymore.
  • They even let him go out boar-hunting, which of course results in Launcelot getting badly injured. A hermit finds him and heals him, but is unable to feed Launcelot enough, which makes him all the more crazed. Our man has totally lost it.
  • Launcelot leaves the hermitage and arrives in Corbin, where King Pelles' nephew, Sir Castor, makes him into the court fool, which is a far cry from the great knight he once was, no?
  • Elayne discovers Launcelot sleeping by a tree in the castle courtyard. She has Launcelot borne before the Holy Grail, which handily cures him of his madness.
  • Launcelot asks Elayne to petition her father for lands for him, and receives the castle of Blyaunte on the Joyous Ile, where he and Elayne live together. Wait, what about Gwenyvere?
  • While he's living there, Launcelot takes the name, "Le Shyvalere Mafete," or, "the Knyght that Hath Trespast."
  • Soon enough, Launcelot hears of a nearby joust. He says that Le Shyvalere Mafete of the Castle Blyaunte will go up against any takers for the hand of a fair maiden and a falcon.
  • Because of this, Sir Percyvale and Sir Ector arrive at the Joyous Ile and joust with Sir Launcelot, and their true identities are revealed.
  • Meanwhile, Sir Bors arrives in the country of King Brandegorys, with whose daughter he has conceived a son, Elyne le Blanke. Bors takes his kid back to Camelot, and he becomes a great knight.
  • Ector and Percyvale convince Launcelot to return to Camelot, telling him of the resources Gwenyvere has expended for his recovery.
  • And when Launcelot returns to court, everyone is elated. King Arthur wonders what caused him to go mad, concluding that it must have been love of the Lady Elayne.
  • Finally, the story of Launcelot's madness is over, and things can get back to normal. Or at least as normal as things can be in Camelot.
  • When Trystram hears of Launcelot's return, he decides to travel to Camelot for the celebration.
  • On the way, he meets with Sir Palomides, who refuses to joust with him because he's unarmed.
  • Trystram takes the arms of a knight Palomides has just defeated, and the two battle it out, with Trystram defeating Palomides in the end.
  • Palomides decides he is ready to be baptized, and receives the sacrament with Trystram as his godfather.
  • In other news, Galahad arrives at Camelot. This can't be good.

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